Air Duct Cleaning Services San Francisco – Would It Get Better Than This..

Air duct cleaning is a relatively new industry that has skyrocketed as a $4 Billion a year industry in the usa alone, nowadays. Some individuals have embraced air duct cleaning as a beneficial service, while some have criticized the service and view the service as a waste of time and money. More than likely though, individuals who have their varying view points for and against the service are both correct on this issue in one way or another| and in the following paragraphs I will address why I believe that each side raise intriguing and excellent points which you as a consumer should consider. In this post I will address different air duct cleaning san francisco methods and explain what those methods are, I will explain credentials to enable you to better understand who the organizations are and who they represent and last I will address the most popular scams which are out there so that you as a consumer can avoid being caught up into such scams to boost the possibilities of getting a good service performed correctly, should you ever schedule an air duct cleaning service down the road with a local company.

The two most common air duct cleaning methods are definitely the “contact cleaning” method as well as the “Power vacuum air wash” method in air duct cleaning. The contact cleaning method in air duct cleaning involves the use of shop vac style equipment to maintain constant contact in between the vacuum hose and duct work surface during the cleaning process. In most cases the companies that employ this kind for cleaning charges less money for their services, because they know that these are limited with what dirt, dust and debris that they may actually pull out of the air ducts and are typically in your home to execute the service for half an hour to 1 hour. There is usually no benefit to an air duct cleaning service if this way of cleaning is carried out, however it could be beneficial if the actual vent boots were packed with construction debris or dog food or whatever and also you failed to think that washing the vent boots and preferred to simply get a cheap service provider out to achieve that be right for you instead. Now, the energy vacuum air wash method in air duct cleaning involves the use of expensive powerful equipment to enable a technician to deep clean the entire HVAC system. The vacuum hose is normally 8-12″ in diameter and is installed in the key trunk line to place the entire air duct system under a deep and powerful vacuum.

No kidding, every vent inside your home will have an effective vacuum pulling hard off of every vent in the home for any perfect negative air containment, which disallows any cross contamination of dirt discharges at home to occur during the cleaning process! The vacuum machines may be 220 volt HEPA rated negative air machines, gas powered or diesel powered machines to produce a strong enough vacuum to execute the service properly. Compressed air tools are employed to air wash all the dirt, dust and debris for the power vacuum hose placed in the key duct, trunk line. Once the power vacuum air wash type of air duct cleaning is conducted correctly the service normally takes between 2-4 hours to do the service within an average sized home. Reputable companies will clean all supply boots, adjoining supply branch lines, supply trunk line(s), supply plenum, return boots, return channels, return trunk line(s) and return plenum, virtually 100% in the entire HVAC system.

It is important the entire air duct system is cleaned, because if any debris or contamination remains in the system, then that missed debris and or contamination will just recirculate again to recontaminate the air duct system just as if nothing was even done, when the furnace is excited again right after the air duct cleaning is done. An average forced air ventilation is actually a circulatory system of constant air in and air out each time a furnace is in operation. Businesses that are licensed for HVAC will also thoroughly clean the furnace and evaporator coil (indoor coil that is certainly often over the furnace).

If the job was performed correctly that could be fine, though the guy is in your own home with a shop vac type machine, meaning he received $494.00 on your part to depart your HVAC system contaminated. After he edtwwn once the air duct cleaning service has become performed, it becomes clear that dust is blowing out of all of the vents if the furnace cycles, because he disturbed a lot of dust during the air duct cleaning, because shop vac style machinery will be in effective in doing a thorough air duct cleaning service. You can have referred to as a reputable company which is an ACCA member company utilizing the best equipment in the market to provide you with an “at the start” price quote in the same ball park for price since the bait and switch company eventually got out of you, to complete the job thoroughly and correctly. If it is too good to be true, this is because it is. Buyer beware, these bait and switch tactics have been going on for a long time and in most cases the companies that follow these price structures would be the very companies leaving the vast majority of dirt, dust and debris within your ventilation system they were paid good money from the customer to wash out.

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